New! Dr. Paul Nemiroff’s Joint 88 A224064
A unique supplement for anyone concerned with the health of their joints. Joint 88 is formulated to provide nutritional support to help maintain/support healthy, flexible joints.
  • Made from unique ingredients including something called natural egg shell membrane…..unlike other products for joint health.
  • Joint 88 contains NO SHELLFISH!
  • MADE IN USA AND HAS A PATENTED PROCESS  A perfect companion to Joint formula 88 max plus pain relief cream to optimize ‘inside–outside’ health.

Sleep 88 a popular new advanced sleep supplement

Sleep_88A new  unique advanced time released formula of melatonin.  Formulated to support  restful sleep, normal and regular sleep patterns.  Clinically tested to  support the restful night’s sleep you deserve!

Appearance Date: Check back will be on air soon! Can be purchased any time on QVC.COM item number A222332







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